Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening in Soldotna, AK

Have you dreamed of having a beautiful Hollywood-esque smile? Peninsula Family Dental Center has professional whitening treatments to give you the brighter, whiter smile you’ve always dreamed of! Not only can you gain a radiant smile but it can be done at your leisure. We provide whitening trays that are custom made for your teeth which allow you to take them home to get your whiter smile when it fits your schedule. In this process:

  • You will get to apply whitening gel when it is most convenient for you
  • You can apply the gel per your desired results
  • You can use trays custom-made for your teeth or disposable trays that are prefilled.
  • Typically you can begin to see results after a week of application

Not only do we whiten your teeth, but our gel helps to strengthen your tooth enamel and decrease sensitivity. Our friendly dentists are here to give you the smile you desire and boost your self confidence. Call, email, or visit us today at Peninsula Family Dental Center, between Soldotna and Kenai, to discuss our teeth whitening process and get more information on smiling with confidence!

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